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About Her Passion ministries

What are you passionate about?

There are a lot of things I enjoy. I enjoy running. I enjoy reading. I enjoy shopping. But fewer things I pursue with passion—with fervor and zeal as described above. Perhaps at one time I pursued everything else more passionately than I pursued Jesus. But when you are blindsided with Heaven and forced to make a choice between world vision and eternal vision, the Kingdom has a way of coming into focus.

I was passionate about being a wife who supported her husband’s call. Note I did not say I was “perfect,” just passionate about that noble role. I am passionate about pointing my children to a God much more patient and loving than I. I am passionate about discovering His great Plan and making a feeble attempt to fill the role in which He has cast me—which requires many “takes”—many.

For most, “ministry” is one of those things that can present itself in many ways, the least of them being formal. I had been involved in women’s lay ministry for years . . . so the thought of starting a ministry was not a new one for me. In fact, it was a welcome thought. The impetus, David’s death, was not so welcome, but it was the force that not just compelled me but propelled me into active ministry.

Ministry, and sharing the hope of Jesus in an otherwise “all hope is gone” situation, was no longer optional. Sharing that hope became my lifeline. I knew that if God could not only allow me to survive seemingly insurmountable circumstances but to thrive, then perhaps the notion to begin a ministry was not so crazy. Truth be told, it all still seems crazy. Crazy, yes, that God would allow my husband, any husband and father to be taken out just doesn’t make sense. But what doesn’t make even more sense to me is that God would involve me, a wretched sinner, ugly to the core without Jesus, involve me in His Redemption plan . . . and He has been redeeming the death of my husband since the night He took him Home. I have prayed for it. I have looked for it. And I expect it every single day in the form of God’s grace, His Provision, His Presence and in the revelation of His Plan. I have found no better prayer than to beg God to come through and show Himself faithful . . . not for me, not even for my children, but for His name and His glory and His renown.

“This” has been the most heart-wrenching process to walk through, yet reconciled through the most heart-warming conversations with Jesus and invitations from God that I could have never imagined.

The reason for and motivation of Her Passion ministries is to inspire the love of Jesus and hope of God in every person that we come into contact—not that we are capable of doing this on our own, but because we believe God is capable of taking us places and doing things through us that we could never otherwise do on our own. Less of me . . . more of Him (John 3:30).

Her Passion ministries seeks to reconcile the Great Commandment, “to love the Lord with all of your heart, soul, strength and mind” (Matthew 22:36-37) with the Great Commission, “to go to the ends of the earth” (Acts 1:8) by teaching the Word of God and reaching the world for the glory of God and Jesus’ renown. We are committed to the practical application of sound Doctrine, and invite you to join us as we live out the Word, lean into the Holy Spirit and learn from the One who knows us better than we know ourselves.

For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose
hearts are fully committed to Him. 2 Chronicles 16:9

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